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ID23 Web Design Blackburn is based in Blackburn, Lancashire just inside the Ribble Valley Owned by freelance web designer and developer Lee Jorgensen, web design work focusses on designing and developing responsive WordPress based websites for small businesses and the public sector. Have a look some of our web design work and get in touch for a chat about a web design project.

Visit the blog “Stuff I learnt today…” for general web design, technology and other random detritus. You can get updates for new articles via the RSS feed, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Website maintenance

Web design Blackburn: Website repairs and improvement

As well as designing and developing new websites or redesigning existing ones ID23 Web Design also fixes problems with current websites. You may have lost touch with the original designer of your site or no longer wish to use their services but still need the help of a web professional to repair part of your website or improve it in some way.

Get in touch and see if we can help; no job too small and prices quoted up-front for approval before any work is done.

Stuff I learnt today…

This is the blog. It covers stuff from around the web gathered from an ever increasing collection of blogs and websites. The blog includes content on web design, WordPress, social media, usability, accessibility, HTML5, CSS, logo design, technology in general. Mixed in with this there’ll be any new websites that we build pulled from the webdesign work portfolio section of the site.

Don’t forget your website; creating a digital hub for social media.

June 18, 2014

I’ve recently been involved in several presentations speaking around social media and digital communications generally. Being primarily a web designer there’s one strand that’s obviously very close to my heart in this and that focuses on why on why it’s still very important to have a good website at the centre of your social media channels. As always and as most people do for these things I spend a great deal of the background research time Googling around blogs and comment streams for useful and erudite chunks of thought for inclusion into the mix and I’m a great believer inaaa

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